> Work

CS Academy Programming Exercise Interface

Abstracting test cases for students and new programmers

CS Academy Style and Design System

Creating a cohesive and accessible visual language for new and returning users

C3.AI Core Feature Work

Designing low-code / no-code data science tools

C3.AI Design Research and Exploration

Designing low-code / no-code data science tools

> Projects


Enhancing the sentimental artifact experience through a physical and digital product system

Open Door Museum

Creating a collaborative community museum for all

> Craft

Chess Set

Walnut and maple weighted chess pieces on slate

Knock-down Stool

Cherry knock-down stool (flat pack)

Cocktail Table

Maple and cherry cocktail table

Flour and Water

A book about a Chinese Canadian family, focusing on the relationship between grandchild and grandmother.

> Code

Voxel Maker (Python App)

Desktop app to draw and render 3D voxel models

Portfolio Website (Web Dev)

Learning about website development through deploying a website

Unfinished Duck Game

2D platformer game inspired by Untitled Goose Game