Hi all!

My name is Janet and I am a senior majoring in Product Design, with a concentration in Computer Science, at Carnegie Mellon University

I am a UX Designer and a Content Developer at CMU CS Academy

Last summer, I interned as a Product Designer at C3.AI

More about me

I'm a product designer from Toronto, Canada, currently studying Pittsburgh. I am interested in designing technical tools for less technical users. I believe design has the power to abstract concepts to make learning new skills more accessible to everyone. I have experience with user research and user testing; I like involving others in my design process. Currently, I'm curious about design systems and front-end development.

Thank you for visiting my website and if you're interested in my work, feel free to contact me by email: jjpeng@andrew.cmu.edu. I'd love to talk and I'm currently looking for full time opportunities fall 2022.


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Design, GPA: 3.77
Concentration in Computer Science
Expected: May 2022
Dean’s List (Fall 2019)


Product Design Studio
Research Methods
Collaborative Visualizing
21-127 Concepts of Mathematics
15-112 Fundamentals of Programming
15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation
15-150 Functional Programming


Product Design Intern

Jun - Aug 2021


Design abstracted configuration experience for less technical users to train machine learning models and perform network analysis.

UX Designer + Team Lead

Design Systems: Aug 2021 - present;
Lead: Jul 2020 - May 2021;
Designer: Jul 2019 - Present

CMU CS Academy

Design new features to increase usability and promote accessibility through redesign of design system and splash page.


Adobe Creative Suite
JavaScript, React.js


Research Assistant

Sep 2021 - present

CMU Human Computer Interaction Institute

Create design resource to understand and explore taxonomy of AI.

Computer Science Pedagogy Teaching Assistant

Jan - May 202

CMU School of Computer Science

Assist students with creating a project for a game development curriculum.

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