Voxel Maker

App for desktop that turns pixel art and specified depth per pixel into a 3D render. The app has three main modes: adding color, adding extrusion depth, and editing render settings. The user generally progresses through these modes in that specific order. Designed and coded by myself.

Here are a few features designed to help the user:

Tools + Skills

Tkinter (Python), Open3D


10 days, March 2021


Design an app that allows users to create 3D renders from a 2D grid


Sketch, plan, program, iterate

Voxel maker video demo

This video shows a selection of features of the app including drawing and erasing on a grid, changing the extrusion depth of the drawing, changing the background color of the render, rendering the voxels, and clearing the image.

Initial starting interface

Voxel color picker

Adding color

Adding extrusion depth

Optional rendersettings

Resulting render from drawing

Drawing a car

Rendering a car

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