Project Details

The app has three main modes: adding color, adding extrusion depth, and editing render settings. The user generally progresses through these modes in that specific order. Designed and coded by myself.

Here are a few features designed to help the user:

  • Cursor changes between different editing modes
  • Forgiveness on clear button
  • Reset to default button for render settings
  • Grid label colors change to create contrast with background color
  • Outline on edited grid cells for contrast
  • Edit color and depth one at a time for more focus/less confusion
  • Initialize depths of all colored cells to 1, avoids the situation where a cube is on the grid but doesn't render
  • Can't extrude cells without color
  • App toggles into draw mode when switching modes or selecting a new color (anticipates drawing will happen next)

Video demo

This video shows a selection of features of the app including drawing and erasing on a grid, changing the extrusion depth of the drawing, changing the background color of the render, rendering the voxels, and clearing the image.

App Screenshots

Initial starting interface
Voxel color picker
Adding color
Adding extrusion depth
Optional render settings
Resulting render from drawing
Drawing a car
Rendering a car