What Did I Learn?

  • Libraries! Choosing the right libraries for the right use cases makes programming a lot easier.
  • Comments and documentation are a must. Especially for ongoing projects. I wish I had done a better job on this.
  • HTML & CSS are surprisingly powerful. I realized you can do a lot more than I expected.
  • Planning your components and which will inherent what seems like a better way to write organized code.
  • Plan how the website will be responsive before coding.
  • Version control is important so no progress is lost or overwritten.
  • Website maps and other SEO functions exist. I did not know about them until I tried making a website.

More About the Project

The project can be viewed here and the code can be viewed through GitHub here. Some features of the site include a project filter, custom designed and implemented tabbing UI, a fun fact randomizer, and various image viewing layouts including an image gallery viewer.